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Micro-needling the pros use!! Professional Length Needles  only available here.              
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3mm needles for severely damaged skin only available here!
                                 How Micro-Needling works!
Micro-needling Instructions
Roll in a star pattern: about eight times horizontally, 8 times vertically, 8 times
diagonally. Roll the Micro-Needling scar roller around eight times in each direction. 

Back and forth equals two rolls. Use medium pressure. It's that simple and painless! 

Very fine needles pierce the epidermis (top layer of the skin), stimulating collagen formation. The result is a "micro-channel effect" which helps to infuse vitamins, serums and other topical products to increase their effectiveness.

Other treatments like acid-peeling, dermabrasion or laser resurfacing remove or damage the top layer of skin which creates a 2nd degree burn, to force the skin to produce a new tissue layer. Once the protection layer is removed, it can create health risks like infection from dirt, bacteria or other environmental influences. Also other risks can occur: long term redness, pigment changes and scarring.

Medical Micro-needling is a safe and natural alternative to invasive skin laser treatments. Skin needling employs our skin’s ability to heal and repair itself. Using a skin needling roller results in hundreds of tiny dermal (pain-free) injuries. These little injuries trigger the same healing response as when a child skins their knee. Cellular renewal begins immediately! Deep lines, wrinkles and stretch marks are eliminated as production of collagen and elastin progressively fill in depressed scars with the use of micro skin needling! 

Micro-needling also gives 1000% faster results to any skin care renewal products alone as the topical ingredients are carried much deeper into the skin. We strongly advise using only all natural products.

We are the only company that sells professional length Micro-rollers directly to you for home use. Why? Because we believe that women are capable of following directions for in home use. As long as you do you will get the same results in-home at a fraction of  professional cost (as much as $300.00 a session)
Professional Length Needles